The All New Suzuki Baleno

*1.4 GL. Retail price includes 4 year/ 60 000km service plan

What drives you?

Is it space, economy, and safety? The convenience of a hatchback? Or is it the thrill of dynamic, powerful design and technology that work in perfect synchronicity? With perfectly-designed, sleek curves inside and out, unmatched space, and attention to detail, the appeal of the Baleno is crystal clear. The Baleno’s advanced driving technology gives you a rush of pulse-pumping satisfaction, and delivers a driving experience like no other.

Passion Through Design

The Baleno is a car that reflects your drive, your pace, and your passion, with a low, wide design that gives you a sense of constant movement – even when you’re standing still. A car for the individual, the attention to detail inside and out reflects the true personality of its driver: forward moving and always in pursuit of perfection.

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